The Helldiver`s driver song:

"Oh Mother, dear mother, take down the blue star. Replace it with one that is gold.Your son is a Helldiver driver; he'll never be 30 years old .The people who work for Curtiss are frequently seen good and drunk. One day with an awful hangover, they mustered and designed that old clunk. Now the wings are built with precision, the fuselage so strong it won't fail. But who were the half-witted people who designed the cockpit and tail? The skipper hates Helldiver drivers and he doesn't think much of that clunk. Each time we fly aboard his carrier, he prays that his ship won't be sunk. My body lies over the ocean; my body lies under the sea. My body lies under the ocean wrapped up in an SB2C!"

Author: Anonymous

Dieser Text sagt eigentlich alles über die Beliebtheit dieses Flugzeuges bei seinen Besatzungen aus. Der Bausatz von Revell ist allerdings uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert.